Can’t go to the Ed Sheeran concert? Here’s how to resell your tickets safely

There's still time to get tickets to see Ed Sheeran at Chantry Park in Ipswich. Picture: PA Wire

There's still time to get tickets to see Ed Sheeran at Chantry Park in Ipswich. Picture: PA Wire - Credit: PA

If you have bought tickets for Ed Sheeran’s Chantry Park concerts but can’t go after all, how can you resell your tickets?

You can't just sell them to a friend or relation and leave them to go to the concert alone. Due to a clampdown designed to clamp down on unauthorised reselling by touts, they will not be able to get in at the door.

The matching ID of the original person who booked the tickets will be an entry requirement.

So, if you have passed tickets on to your family or friends - or bought them as a gift - you will have to escort them to the gate for them to gain entry.

If you cannot go to the concert, the only permitted route is to resell your ticket via your point of purchase, on your original ticket agent's face value resale platform.

These are the official platforms for buying and selling Ed Sheeran tickets. Some have a special resale page, while others show resale tickets along with any new tickets. Log into your account at the site where you bought your tickets to find out about offering them for resale, or contact customer services if you have a query.

-Ticketmaster Tickets are being resold via the website's Ticket Exchange service.

-See Tickets The website's Fan-to-Fan listings are reselling tickets from customers who can no longer attend the event.

-AXS Tickets for the Chantry Park concerts are available via a resale section.

- Gigantic: This website also has resale tickets for the Chantry Park concerts available via its platform.

-Alt Tickets Follow the link to visit the dedicated resale section.

-My Ticket: Contact the website via this link if you have a query about reselling tickets.

-Event Travel: Follow this link to visit the website.

If you are looking for tickets, you can also buy safely by visiting the tour page at the official Ed Sheeran website.

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The Friday and Saturday concerts are sellouts, but there are still some new tickets available for the Sunday and Monday gigs. However, availability is limited for the Sunday concert.

Don't buy or resell via unauthorised websites

Ed Sheeran's stance on ticket reselling has become very strict in the past few years.

Promoters are warning against buying tickets from unauthorised secondary websites, which often sell them for inflated prices - and warning you will not be admitted. Last year, one seated ticket for the Sunday Ipswich concerts was spotted on ticket reselling website viagogo at £1,429.

Sheeran's website is also warning against reselling via these platforms.

If you have bought tickets from viagogo or another unauthorised site, organisers are advising that you should visit the Fanfair Alliance, where you will see advice on how to get refunds for invalid tickets.

If you have sold via these platforms, you should also let your buyer know right away that they will not be able to get in.

They are also warning you should act now - do not leave this until the day of the event as this will be too late.

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