How do you eat yours? Here are our top 10 pancake toppings for Shrove Tuesday

American-style pancakes with blueberry and bananas

American-style pancakes with blueberry and bananas - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The frying pans are at the ready, the batter is mixed and the challenge is on - who can make the best pancakes?

Pancakes with traditional lemon and sugar

Pancakes with traditional lemon and sugar - Credit: Archant

But once you have honed the perfect recipe, mastered the art of flipping and finely tuned the cooking heat, the next mission is to find the best topping.

Here we share our top 10 suggestions.

Sugar and lemon

Pancakes with summer fruits

Pancakes with summer fruits - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

This may not seem very adventurous but the lemon cuts through the oil used in the cooking while the sugar provides the perfect antidote to the bitterness of the citrus fruit.

Why mess with tradition?

Golden syrup

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Adopted from the Americans, this is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. For a slightly less sticky version, try maple syrup.

Chocolate spread

If you have ever skied in the Alps you will know this is a popular sugar-boost eaten on the piste. The chocolate melts into the batter, creating a truly-delicious mouth watering treat - but don’t try more than one, you will struggle.

Ham and cheese

In France crepes are served as a main course with savoury toppings, some may add pineapple to create a pizza-like meal, or you could even try Roquefort and walnuts for a real continental taste.

Strawberry, blueberry and cinnamon

Add some fresh fruit and spice for a warming, yet healthy, alternative. Raspberries also work well too.

You may find these are better with American-style pancakes.

Peanut butter and banana

These two work perfectly together on toast, so why not try them on your pancakes this year and give yourself a real energy boost.

Strawberries and cream

If it is good enough for Wimbledon, it is good enough for pancakes.

Lay the pancake out flat on a plate, and arrange the pieces of strawberry in a pretty pattern then squirt little swirls of cream around them. Or go all out and fill the pancake with the fruit, roll it up and pour thick cream over the top.

Apple and cinnamon

These two flavours work so well together, and the combined scent conjures up memories of Christmas so try this festive topping on your pancakes and revive those yuletide memories.

Remember to soften the apple with water and brown sugar first.

Bacon and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce

A naughty treat but who could resist the smoked taste of bacon with this rich sauce? Maybe one for breakfast time.

Orange zest, Cointreau and Greek yoghurt

One for the adults. Use orange instead of lemon, the zestiness works in the same way but it is a little sweeter, add Cointreau for a naughty treat and the Greek yoghurt is a perfect healthy alternative to cream.

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