Ipswich: Action-packed Doctor Who adventure materialises at Crown Street Car Park

ONE minute I’m listening to a talk about Ipswich-built steam ship The Elysium, sunk off Beachy Head. The next, I’m running for my life through time and space.

Warning alarms fill the air as I struggle into my decontamination suit; all the while, three gruff soldiers bark orders at us. Led on to a crashed alien craft, it’s their job to keep us alive… because we’re not alone.

Danger lurks around every corner as we find ourselves in a desperate race against time itself to save a strange lemonade-loving man in a tweed jacket and get ourselves home.

Constantly looking over my shoulder as we run down dark, debris and smoke strewn corridors, it’s up to us to stay one step ahead and keep our eyes open for more reasons than just to find clues.

It’s a fear-filled flight into fantasy made unbelievably real; and I couldn’t be having more fun. I wish the ten-year-old me could see me now.

Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae and theatrical wizards Punchdrunk put you at the heart of your very own adventure. You’re dropped right in the thick of the action and are expected to pull your weight if everybody’s going to make it out the other side.

“It was really funny and scary at the same time,” says ten-year-old Colneis Junior School pupil Henry Akhuseyin.

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Fellow pupil Jake Preston, also ten, loved opening the Tardis, “and the monsters in the mirror” he adds.

There are three types of show – school performances like this for four-seven year olds, family shows for seven-12 years and special after dark ones for ages 13 up; the tension increasing as the age levels do.

“The after dark performances are for big kids and for all who want to release the child within. There are extra surprises and is a bit darker and a bit scarier… and the rest is top secret,” teases Katy Balfour, Remount director.

As the Doctor has proved, time can be rewritten, meaning no two performances will ever be the same.

Doctor Who, The Crash of The Elysium lasts 60 minutes and runs at Ipswich’s Crown Street Car Park until July 8.

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