Ipswich: Help us keep Strictly Come Dancing contestant and Evening Star astrologer Russell Grant dancing

IPSWICH: We need your help to ensure Evening Star astrologer Russell Grant can ‘keeeep dancing’.

He’s disappearing before our eyes on the hit BBC1 show, Strictly Come Dancing, shedding the stones thanks to dance partner Flavia Cacace’s rigorous routines.

Now we’re throwing our weight behind the 60-year-old Aquarian to make sure he doesn’t vanish from the competition altogether and he foxtrots all the way to the final.

Replying to a Tweet from Star editor Nigel Pickover, he said: “Nigel you are so supportive and lovely, thank you. Glad Suffolk is with me x PS Kettle on! x.”

Described as camper than a row of tents and having put the boy in flamboyant, Russell has revealed his role on the show wasn’t written in the stars. In fact, his chart warned him it could harm his health.

But he decided to take part after the public set up an online group called Get Russell on Strictly.

The diabetic, dubbed Mama Rose by Flavia whom he calls Gypsy, has had some toe trauma but if he’s suffering from anything else he’s not showing it; singing along to the live band like he’s dancing around his living room on a Saturday night and with a smile shining brighter than any star in the sky.

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His infectious performances are the highlight of the show.

The live audience agree, regularly giving him standing ovations, and Russell’s impressing the judges too.

Last Saturday he finished eighth out of 13 with a score of 28 out of 40; beating actress Anita Dobson and her professional partner Robin Windsor, raised just outside Ipswich; singer Lulu, TV presenter Dan Lobb, boxer Audley Harrison and Nancy Dell’Olio.

In the words of Abba’s Dancing Queen, the soundtrack to Russell’s unforgettable salsa, he is clearly having the time of his life dancing with 32-year-old Flavia with whom he feels he has a telepathic link.

She first appeared as a regular Strictly dancer on series four, having been previously paired with Jimmy Tarbuck, Matt Di Angelo and last year Jimi Mistry.

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