Ipswich: New dad Scott Robinson talks swapping Stella for tea and playing Chantry Park

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5ive’s Scott Robinson sounds a little tired when he answers the phone. Welcoming twin girls 10 weeks earlier will do that.

5ive’s Scott Robinson sounds a little tired when he answers the phone. Welcoming twin girls 10 weeks earlier will do that.

“It was a bit of a shock when we found out we was having twins but it’s great really. They’re not sleeping bad... I was having more sleep before they were here but they’re so cute you don’t mind,” says the singer, who already has two older sons. “I’m just besotted by them... Tey’re not going out until they’re at least 26.”

Out for a while, his body clock is adjusting and he’s now used to waking up in the middle of the night; sort of.

“I’m such an old man, I have a kettle next to be my bed which is meant to be for warming the bottles but I take teabags, sugar and milk up there and the first thing I do is put the kettle on. I warm the bottle, sit and drink my tea and feed the baby and go back to sleep. So it’s not that bad, as long as I’ve got a cup of tea I’m alright.”

The life of a pop star.

“Exactly... (It’s) usually a can of Stella, now it’s a mug of tea.”

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Robinson’s not the only one celebrating. Bandmate Sean Conlon and his wife welcoming their first child, a girl, around the same time.

“We get on really well, he’s phoned and asked a few questions and I tell him, because there’s no rule book with kids, what I would do and he can take it or leave it. We’ve had a few funny conversations about babies which is good.”

Between making room for the new arrivals and mucking in with the painting and getting his hands dirty, which he admits isn’t like him, it’s been hectic.

“It’ll be nice actually to get out and get back on the stage and take the painting clothes off because it’s been an absolute nightmare, but all the finishing touches are going in now so we’re pretty excited.”

Robinson says he, Conlon, Abz Love and Ritchie Neville, are pretty rehearsed from The Big Reunion, The Big Reunion On Tour and their own tour last year. It’s just a case of freshening up and making sure they know where they’re standing again and the moves.

While looking forward to ditching the paintbrushes, leaving his family behind is really hard. His two boys came to gigs on last year’s tour so get what dad does. Robinson hopes hell still be performing when his girls are a bit older so that they can see to.

“Everyone knows from the series that I love having my wife and children with me, that’s what keeps me ticking; it’s kind of what I’m performing for. It’s going to be a bit tricky but I’m going to make sure they’ve got a crèche on the tour bus and they’re coming with me whether the boys like it or not.”

They will definitely be all at the June 29 gig in Ipswich, part of this year’s Ip-art festival.

“It’s a perfect family gig. To be on a line-up with these people... I know the boys from Busted and the boys from McFly so yeah that’ll be quite nice. McBusted just bring a really good vibe to what pop’s doing at the moment, the fact that they’re touring together is such a good idea.

“Backstreet Boys I worked with many moons ago, probably 10 years; we did a few shows in America with them. I never thought I’d get to that level again. We we were a big band back in the day and obviously the platform of The Big Reunion has given us the chance to tour again.

“We did our own tour last year and now to be considered on these line-ups with these other acts that are current now is amazing. We literally can’t wait and think it’s going to be a really good show.”

Promising all the in your face tracks you love, guarenteed to get you on your feet, the only problem Robinson’s got is he can’t watch it.

“I’m gutted, I’ve never been to a festival. We played V last year and I’ve never even been to V because I would find it weird to go, the looking out... I’d like to watch it from afar and see what everyone else sees.”

Him, the kids, a picnic, a cup of tea?

“No, listen, it’s a mug of tea indoors until it gets to noon... I couldn’t turn up (to a festival) with a flask of tea, I’d get absolutely ruined. I’d turn up with several Brownies or Stellas and have a good time.”

Also joining McBusted and 5ive will be the Backstreet Boys, Diversity and Scouting For Girls.