Ipswich: Weird and wonderful Benjamin Bloom takes over the world, starting at Corn Exchange

Benjamin Bloom brings his new show to Ipswich Corn Exchange this week

Benjamin Bloom brings his new show to Ipswich Corn Exchange this week - Credit: Archant

Benjamin Bloom has become a tyrannical musician, on stage at least. Off, he’s far too busy preparing his new Weird and Wonderful show, coming to the Corn Exchange as part of Ip-art, to take over the world.

“When we’ve done big things at festivals before it’s all organised for you... with this, you’re literally responsible for every facet of it down to sound, security, selling all the tickets. Pressure,” he laughs, “is definitely the right word.”

Set in the near future, the world is enjoying a golden period of prosperity. Led by the power-hungry Bloom, an evil group known as The Kingpins start running riot and a hero is needed.

The first test-run sold out the New Wolsey. The reworked version was a hit at last year’s Ip-art, with people having to be turned away at the door. When Ipswich Borough Council offered Bloom the Corn Exchange this year, he couldn’t say no.

“My eyes lit up... You spend your whole time trying to get to play a big venue for you own gig, you’ve got to go for it when you get the offer.”

The New Wolsey, admits Bloom, was a case of stick your finger in the air and see which way the wind’s blowing. Having turned detective to track down and persuade Hugo Myatt - best known for his role as dungeon master Treguard in the children’s game show Knightmare - to narrate the show, there have been further changes.

“We had him do just the voiceover for the first show... we’ve actually got him on screens now. We had him come down to Colchester and filmed him in the council chambers. He’s doing all the narration to camera which is ridiculous, amazing.

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“We’ve put four new songs in. We (already) had the girls doing the fire, burlesque, aerial and hoop (elements). It was making those high spots more a part of the show, bringing them in line with the story about how the world goes mad with greed and who steps up to solve it - but I won’t give the ending away,” he laughs.

Part rock show, part cabaret, part story and everything inbetween, don’t risk being turned away at the door of the Corn Exchange come June 21.