Ipswich: Win tickets to see Charlie Landsborough at Ipswich Corn Exchange

Charlie Landsborough returns to Ipswich

Charlie Landsborough returns to Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Multi-award winning and critically acclaimed singer Charlie Landsborough brings his own brand of ballad, blues, country and spiritual music back to Ipswich Corn Exchange on October 29 – and you could see him for free.

Charlie Landsborough's latest CD

Charlie Landsborough's latest CD - Credit: Archant

Event has three pairs of tickets to give away for the concert, sure to feature songs from new album Silhouette.

Another year, another tour, Landsborough always looks forward to travelling the country with friends and meeting many more, doing the thing they love with each one leaving them with another set of memories.

You’d think having such a loyal fan base would give him a degree of confidence when he releases a new album or gets ready to hit the road, but no.

“I’m not the most confident of people, but I certainly draw on the expertise of those around me and I’m always greatly heartened and encouraged by the marvellous folk who support us. I don’t need to be reminded that without them I wouldn’t have this life in music.”

Landsborough says the best thing about being on tour is being with all his friends, seeing different places and faces and, of course, the buzz of performing each night. He’s not one for rigorous training though.

“I train on a treadmill albeit rather spasmodically. Thankfully I seem to remain healthy without any strenuous fitness regime. I think it’s after a tour that I’m in need of an M.O.T.”

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He’s written so many songs, where does he find the inspiration and does he write and record songs to please himself, his fans or both?

“I write whatever comes to me and of course hope it will in some way touch my audience. If when it’s completed I feel it’s failed in that ,then it’s confined to the bottom reaches of my drawer. There is no better feeling than to create something that comforts, lifts or brings pleasure to others,” he says.

“The inspiration can come from a variety of sources. It might be a phrase someone says, a situation observed or something from your own experiences or may begin with a simple tune picked out on my guitar.

“I made an album called the storyteller in which I have explained before each song what or who was the inspiration behind it. It wasn’t my idea but has proved very popular. It does lend extra meaning to a song to know how and why it was written.”

Someday he’d like to write a song for his home town of Birkenhead and a Christmas carol. Liverpool was known as the Nashville of the north for a time and you can hear country influences in the early Beatles, why does he think Merseyside took to country so well?

“I think a lot of it was the influence of seafarers like my brothers who brought it back from trips abroad plus the huge Irish and Celtic influence which is at the roots of much country music. It’s music the working man can relate to.”

Landsborough grew up listening to his dad singing the songs of Bing and Issy Bonn and his brothers singing Hank Williams and Jimmy Rodgers.

“When I picked up the guitar along came Lonnie Donegan before Elvis, Jerry Lee and such stormed on to the scene. My likes apart from these are many, Stephen Foster, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Kate Wolf, Doc Watson, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Brady, John Prine, Eva Cassidy, Hoagy Carmichael, Randy Newman, Dolly Parton, Clifford T Ward and many more.”

After several different jobs, the army and Germany must have broadened his horizons.

“All my work experiences, especially the army, improved me as a person and put me in contact with all sorts of people from different backgrounds. They knocked some chips off my shoulder and helped me to respect others. While in the army I began playing in bands and after leaving the forces I returned to carry on performing. All part of my musical apprenticeship.”

A classroom of kids can be a scary audience, how did he win them over and was it good preparation for playing gigs?

“I think that being fair and consistent matters with kids. It also helps to have a sense of humour and for them to be aware that you like them. The music was also on my side. Kids love music too. As a teacher you are a sort of performer so I think it’s good grounding for stage life and perhaps why so many singers and comedians are ex-teachers.”

Landsborough’s latest tour will feature songs from the latest album as well as the songs people know him for and a reintroduction of songs he hasn’t played in a while - plus his usual little quips and anecdotes.

What’s planned for after?

“Following the tour it will be back to writing and recording. I do have some interesting engagements before Christmas arrives and may also fit in a trip to France to visit my son and his family.”

To win tickets to see Landsborough in Ipswich, tell us: What is his new album called? Email your answer and contact details to event@archant.co.uk by 9am, Friday, October 25. Winners will be notified by email.

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