Watch: Jimmy’s Farm star presents new Channel 4 series

Suffolk farmer and TV personality Jimmy Doherty will be sharing the joys of spring in his new televi

Suffolk farmer and TV personality Jimmy Doherty will be sharing the joys of spring in his new television series Photo: Channel 4 - Credit: Archant

Jimmy Doherty will host Spring at Jimmy’s Farm, which begins on Thursday, April 30

While most of us are missing out on the joys of spring, trapped in our homes during lockdown, Suffolk farmer and television personality Jimmy Doherty will be doing his best to bring spring to us through his new TV series Spring at Jimmy’s Farm.

Channel 4 has commissioned what they describe as a fast-turnaround series which will be filmed in Suffolk by a small crew. Jimmy said that the series will provide viewers with “the opportunity to see spring erupt in our countryside from the safety of their homes.”

Jimmy’s farm isn’t just home to pigs and sheep, across 280 acres there’s also woodland and an animal park full of exotic animals. The park would usually be teeming with families after the Easter holidays but right now it’s just the animals and a handful of humans who look after them.

The series will offer unique access to the park to find out what the animals are up to away from prying eyes and follow just how Jimmy’s small team are managing to care for them in difficult circumstances. There are lambs, goats and reindeer all due to give birth, as well as a camel which needs to find its mate, fast. Jimmy will also be building hides and nesting boxes so we can keep an eye on what the badgers, birds and fish are up to at this time of year.

A spokesman for Channel 4 said: “Whilst many of us are having to catch glimpses of spring through windows and from back gardens, the season is bursting into life on Jimmy Doherty’s Suffolk farm.

“Offering wildlife, food, farming, gardening and science this four-part series gives families cooped up indoors the chance to see spring in the countryside unfold week by week.”

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Spring at Jimmy’s Farm starts on Thursday April 30 at 8.05pm on Channel 4.

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