Fast-paced and ambitious - it would have been a crime to miss it

Marnie Sadd playing Elle in Legally Blonde 

Marnie Sadd playing Elle in Legally Blonde - Credit: Warren Page / PAGEPIX.

Review: Legally Blonde at Suffolk New College, June 2022. 

The jury was out when I went to see an interpretation of Legally Blonde The Musical at Suffolk New College in Ipswich this week.

Would it feel like a life sentence?

Would I have to seek damages after witnessing it?

The answer to both of the above is on the contrary – it really would have been a crime for me to miss this courtroom drama with jazz hands.

Some of the cast of the Suffolk New College production of Legally Blonde

Some of the cast of the Suffolk New College production of Legally Blonde - Credit: Warren Page/ PAGEPIX.

Without giving too much of the plot away, this jaunty toe-tapping production had everything from growing up to love, via the value of friendship and the nastiness of the human spirit.

That said, I think the overall message is based around the idea that if you have integrity and you are true to yourself, you can achieve anything you want in life, and your dignity will remain intact.

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I’d say the cast (made up entirely of performing arts students) certainly took the law into their hands with some fine performances.

The lead character of Elle (played by Marnie Sadd) was illegal in the sense that someone so young should not be able to capture the imagination of an audience so professionally – but she did.

Very other notable mentions must also go to the assured Jack Davis as Emmett and hats off to the powerful poise of Nieve Walter as Callahan. Amy Seale’s Paulette was also perfectly pitched.

 Marnie Sadd. The final photo shows Marnie Sadd and Jack Davis. Jack played Emmett

Marnie Sadd as Elle and Jack Davis as Emmett - Credit: Warren Page / PAGEPIX

And George Deadman produced a fine cameo that is worth the admission fee alone.

Whilst singling people out is tough for all those involved in such an ensemble piece, it has to be said that all the cast and production crew should feel proud of their efforts in terms of creating a fast-paced and ambitious two-hour show that was directed by Kelly Fletcher.

All in all, my verdict is that I was glad to get an accomplice and put myself in the dock of the audience for this joyous version of Legally Blonde.

To find out more about the performing arts courses and their future shows – including news of an upcoming performance at the National Theatre in London, you can visit the Suffolk New College website.