Man behind Kesgrave parkrun ‘middle-class rap’ returns with hilarious version of Blur’s Parklife

Elvis impersonator Simon Goldsmith pictured during the making of a fundraising video

Elvis impersonator Simon Goldsmith pictured during the making of a fundraising video

A Kesgrave parkrun organiser geed up the entrants in this morning’s second birthday event with a hilarious version of a Britpop classic.

Simon Goldsmith, an Elvis impersonator whose impromptu rapping before a parkrun earlier this year went viral, took on Blur’s 1994 hit Parklife for his latest performance.

Replacing the repeated refrain of “parklife” with “parkrun” the song proved a big hit with the gathered runners.

With twists on the song’s spoken verses, originally narrated by actor Phil Daniels, Mr Goldsmith adds comical references to “tight pink shorts”.

“Confidence is not a prerequisite to participate in the established free weekly event, what is known as - parkrun,” he says.

“Don’t be lay in bed, eating chocolate until midday, come to the new field and get some exercise.”

His ‘middle-class rap’ performed in May gained more than 25,000 views within 24 hours.

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Mr Goldsmith, who later dubbed himself as Doctor Dre on Facebook, wrote in a short message to runners: “The ‘rap’ briefing. I’m sorry and old enough to know better.”

This morning’s event was ahead of the Kesgrave parkrun’s second birthday outing.

Briefing runners yesterday the parkrun’s Facebook page said “make sure you arrive early enough...there will be lots to potentially miss!”

The free, 5k fun run is held every week at Millennium Jubilee Hall in Millennium Field, Kesgrave.

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