Mark Thomas previews new show Check Up - Our NHS at 70 at The Avenue Theatre, Ipswich

Mark Thomas. Picture: STEVE ULLATHORNE

Mark Thomas. Picture: STEVE ULLATHORNE - Credit: Archant

Mark Thomas uses his own demise to explore the state of the National Health Service in latest show Check Up - Our NHS at 70.

The work in progress visits The Avenue Theatre, Ipswich, on July 6.

He’s 54, the NHS is 70 and UK national average life expectancy is 84. If Mark makes it to 84 the NHS will be 100, what will they both look like?

Based on a series of interviews with leading experts in and on the NHS, residencies in hospitals and surgeries and with director Nicolas Kent, Mark asks what’s going wrong in our NHS, how it can go right and what the future might hold for all of us.

Tickets go on sale from 10am today.

It’s also been announced that comedian Paul Foot will be returning to the theatre, the home of Red Rose Chain, on June 8 with a preview of his new show Image Conscious. A third of the tickets have already sold.

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