Mock the Week star Parsons at Ipswich Corn Exchange

THE last time Mock the Week star Andy Parsons was in town somebody was ill in the middle of the audience. On another tour he found some underpants in a jar of mayonnaise.

How the pants got there is just one story you can look forward to when he brings his latest stand-up tour, Gruntled, to the Corn Exchange on April 10.

The idea came out of prime minister David Cameron asking the National Audit Office to come up with a happiness index to work out how happy Britain is.

“Before it has a chance to report back, I’m jumping the gun and making a few sweeping generalisations as to how happy I think Britain might be,” he laughs.

“Given he’s making 500,000 people redundant it’s a bold move to go now to try and find out exactly how happy Britain is.”

Parsons, who has enjoyed huge success as a writer and performer on television, radio and stage, says the tour - his third around the UK - has been going well.

“It’s the show I’m most pleased with. There’ll be a little bit of autobiographical material in there, I take a good look at the coalition and foreign policy.”

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