Multi-layed tale is a beautiful piece of theatre

Bentwater Roads, by Tony Ramsey, Eastern Angles, The Hush House, at the former RAF Bentwaters outside Woodbridge until July 18.

There are many things you could take away from this piece, which looks at the life of the area over the centuries through the eyes of those who called it home.

How we’re all connected in ways we can’t begin to understand, how the past affects our present and future and how although we leave places and people, they don’t always leave us.

This multi-layered story threads together early settlers the pagans, the farmers who built the church tower in the middle ages, the base at the height of the Cold War and then the present.

Charlie arrives to sell the family home after her mother dies. Her faith that she has no ties to the area is slowly shaken to the core as hidden truths and pain come to light.

Initially appearing to lack cohesion as we flit between the different times periods and plots, it subtly comes together with an emotional wallop that echoes back through the ages.

The hi-tech, former sound-proofed jet engine testing facility’s vast hanger and exhaust port were used to great effect without it becoming gimmicky or its feeling of other-worldiness overshadowing the performances.

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It feels almost a diservice to single out lone performers but Nadia Morgan, as the troubled Charlie, was superb - you felt like you were falling apart with her.

The entire cast were magnificent; making us laugh one moment, putting us through the emotional wringer the next - the closing scenes were both painful and uplifting to watch. All in all, a beautiful piece of theatre.


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