Murder doesn't disappoint

EVERYONE loves a murder mystery and this one didn't disappoint.

A Murder Is Announced - By Agatha Christie

The Keyworth Players

Trimley Memorial Hall

March 21

EVERYONE loves a murder mystery and this one didn't disappoint.

The latest production by The Keyworth Players, was well-executed stab at one of the famous stories from the pen of Dame Agatha.

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The village is Chipping Cleghorn, the sleuth Miss Marple, the murderer…..well there's no need to spoil the fun is there?

The action takes place in the drawing room of Letitia Blacklock, a murder is announced in the local paper, the villagers turn up, the sherry is poured, the clock strikes 6.30pm and the room is plunged into darkness, a man enters wielding a gun.

When the lights go back on a gun man is dead and Miss Blacklock has been shot at.

Injected with lots of humour and with some very good performances - notably Julie Locke as a most amusing Mitzi, Helen Clarke as an excellent Miss Blacklock, Sandra Angell as a measured and deliberate Miss Marple, and Sheila Lewis as a dippy Dora Bunner - this is an entertaining production.

As the plot thickens director/actor Chris Fryer takes to the stage as Inspector Craddock determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Of course, it is Miss Marple, thanks to a few clues and the help of Somerset House, gets it all sorted out in time for a cup of tea and slice of cake.

With an excellent set and costumes, The Keyworth Players have clearly worked very hard at this production indeed and it has paid off.

And the curtain call - using spotlights on the characters was a great touch.

Make the effort to go if you can, you'll enjoy it.


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