Review: Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, at the Ipswich Regent

Al Murray appeared at the Ipswich Regent

Al Murray appeared at the Ipswich Regent - Credit: Archant

With a pint of ale in his hand, Al Murray had complete control of the Ipswich Regent crowd.

Loud, opinionated and rude, the pub landlord strode round the stage as if he had been there hundreds of times before.

His interaction with the audience was constant and made for several standout moments – with most of the people in the front-row picked out for laughs.

The Oxford-educated comic is standing in the General Election in the South Thanet seat and there’s no coincidence that a certain Nigel Farrage, leader of UKIP, has also put himself forward for the Kent constituency.

So the show’s first-half was dominated with a list of things Murray thinks is wrong in the UK – with the last hour focusing on what he would do if his party, the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP), gains power.

Talking with never-ending “common sense”, he outlined his manifesto to put the great back into Great Britain.

Firstly on education: he says teachers are at the “coal face” so need to be respected but are not going about it the “right way” by making sure “none of the kid can read and write”.

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Another “common sense” policy would be to lock up the around 1.8million who are out of work because “unemployment causes crime”.

To outdo the “lefties” at UKIP immigration would be stopped by British bricks used to block up the Channel Tunnel.

Just like a good pub there was a lively atmosphere inside the Regent as Murray was always ready to find someone to engage with. Whether it was some of the larger members of the audience, or older, he knew exactly where to probe to get the laughter flowing.

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