Review: An Evening at The Blue Fez - a night of glitter and glam not to be missed

The Blue Fez at Trinity Park. Picture: SARA THOMAS

The Blue Fez at Trinity Park. Picture: SARA THOMAS - Credit: Archant

The mysterious Mister Jack promised us entertainment unlike anything Ipswich has seen before ahead of his Trinity Park performance. And he didn’t disappoint.

The mysterious Mister Jack – a shadowy figure in the dimly lit corners of the Trinity Park venue - rolled in a show full of glitter, glam and gorgeous girls on Friday night.

And if the whoops, cheers, catcalls and wild applause were anything to go by – it went down a storm with an audience who were largely virgins to the burlesque scene.

The event – An Evening at The Blue Fez - was billed as the first of three nights featuring a host of award-winning performers and musicians.

Highlights included comedy compere Benjamin Louche, mesmerising belly dancer Sara Guirado, 1950s bombshell Missy Malone and burlesque beauty Luna Rosa.

There were sequins, feathers, nipple tassels and more but - while it may be hard to believe with so much flesh on display - it was classy and chic with a dash of carnival and circus.

The latter was delivered by breathtaking contortionist Twisted Nymph who performed awe-inspiring acrobatics above the crowd hanging from the ceiling on a piece of red silk.

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The night was a saucy concoction of variety, vocals and va va voom that injected just enough diversity to reflect the composition of the audience - a mixed bunch with bigwig corporate bods sat alongside tattooed temptresses from the Suffolk circuit.

The core origins and meaning behind burlesque are derived from parody and caricature and this certainly permeated through this wonderfully camp slice of naughty, mischievous entertainment.

What was more, the venue – bland, boring conference centre by day – was transformed with clever lighting, drapes and a catwalk-style dance floor to create the vibe of an exotic bar and club.

And the food – a feast of meze, tagine and baklava – was abundant and more Marrakesh in Morocco than industrial estate, Ipswich.

Overall, I would give it a five-star rating for delivering a slice of crowd-pleasing variety with an adult twist.

And I would urge you to snap up tickets now to the next event on June 9th - you may be pleasantly surprised.