Review: Comedian’s view of life’s little quirks

Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman - Credit: Archant

Friday night saw Dave Gorman bring his latest show to the Corn Exchange Ipswich; complete, of course, with an infamous Powerpoint presentation.

For those who are not familiar with his comedy, Gorman uses Powerpoint slides to emphasise exactly what he is currently pulling apart. Picking at what seem to be normal everyday phrases and actions that we all use without thinking, he shows us just how bizarre and often ridiculous they really are until you wonder why you have never noticed it before.

Gorman began by encouraging the crowd to join in with a well-known song before demonstrating that the unseen clauses within it are not so simple as first seemed. He then warmed the home crowd with some light ribbing of the town using screen shots of some of the more light-hearted but unusual local headlines.

Much in line with his latest show, Dave ‘Modern Life is Good-ish’ Gorman focused on some of the more quirky aspects of our lives today, including newly adopted words such as ‘selfie’ and ‘photobombing’ and also on how his mother’s use of emoticons and twitter were just not appropriate.

The audience, who seemed to already be great fans and anticipating some of his trade mark features were happily rewarded when Gorman recited not one, but two of his ‘found poems’. These found poems he constructs from some of the stranger and often ludicrous comments people make on-line.

The whole evening was great fun and many of the audience took the opportunity to queue to meet Gorman afterwards – including the man with the pineapple!