Review: Bill Bailey at Ipswich Regent, Monday, June 4 2018

Bill Bailey entertained the Ipswich Regent Picture: GREGG BROWN

Bill Bailey entertained the Ipswich Regent Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

A two night stop at the Regent Theatre may not be the most rock ‘n’ roll sounding affair, but Bill Bailey brought the house down with his raucous brand of music-infused comedy.

Bill’s effortless routines come across as a glowing hotpot of anecdotes, traditional jokes, alternative histories, ad-libbed asides and lecture all coupled with his talents on a veritable smorgasbord of instruments, all making for quite the unique show.

Larks in Transit, as the latest tour is known, had Ipswich and the surrounding areas packing the Regent to enjoy musings on why chaffinches and puffins won’t make it in the music or horror movie businesses, the Russian influence of the Star Spangled Banner and a detailed history of the knock knock joke from the self-styled ‘Pound Shop Gandalf’.

Perhaps most remarkable in his performance is the ability to wander into improvised realms from audience feedback (carefully dissecting the band name of one particular Suffolk metal band, Crawlblind, was particularly memorable thanks to some wildly entertaining audience banter) make each show a unique event in its own right.

And if you’ve ever wanted to hear why the iconic Imperial March theme from the Star Wars films isn’t performed in a major key, then look no further.