Review: Leona Lewis, Ipswich Regent, Monday, March 7

Leona Lewis wowed a packed Ipswich Regent

Leona Lewis wowed a packed Ipswich Regent

Bringing her tour to a jam-packed Regent, Lewis wowed the crowd with her stunning vocal performance.

It’s been 10 years this year since she won the X Factor and she surely must be the most successful winner to date - possibly ever. Her down-to-earth, girl next door persona gives her a sense of realism and her humble nature definitely drew the audience in.

An audience which was totally varied - from young to old, male to female, extremely lively at the front to the more sedate at the back. She made everyone feel included and engaged while signing a range of her biggest hits. She even dedicated a song to her parents who were there supporting her.

Although the show had certain Americanisms at times - horse-riding, beach-walking backing visuals with a voiceover talking about the “journey” she’s been on - Lewis’ voice is indisputably fantastic.

Singing classics such as Bleeding Love, Better in Time, Footprints in the Sand, she interspersed these with covers including Time after Time, Latch and Stay with Me; plus a stunning version of Ava Maria.

Closing the show with the iconic Snow Patrol cover Run, Lewis welcomed a local choir to the stage to accompany her on backing vocals.

The show ended in heart-warming fashion, with all the fans on their feet, holding up their camera flashes - in lieu of lighters - and swaying to the music. You can tell she’s extremely grateful for the career she’s had so far and is worthy of her continued success.

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