Review: Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at Ipswich Regent, Monday, February 6

Lord of the Dance rehearsals before the opening night at Ipswich Regent.

Lord of the Dance rehearsals before the opening night at Ipswich Regent. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Tap dancing robots, flamboyant costumes, daring aerobatics and a battle of good against evil – what is there not to enjoy?

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games debuted at the Ipswich Regent tonight, attracting a packed out crowd of guests young and old.

Lead dancer Matt Smith was captivating as The Lord. commanding the stage with confidence and bravado in a way that would give Michael Flatley a run for his money.

Speaking before the show, Matt said: “Every venue and audience reacts differently.

“I love being in a theatre where you can see people’s faces and there are a lot of opportunities for us to put our stamp on it.”

Created by Flatley to mark the 20th anniversary of Lord of the Dance, this rendition features new staging, costumes and choreography, special effects lighting and cutting edge technology, including a flat screen that spans the width of the stage.

Something also has to be said for the incredible skill of two violinists, who played a high-energy song while skipping and spinning across the stage in perfect synchronisation - all while wearing high heels.

My only criticism is it very much perpetuated stereotypical and outdated ideas of masculinity and femininity, with the male characters also seemingly taking on more complex routines (and push ups).

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But then again, I guess this is theatre!

This was my first experience of Lord of the Dance, and I was mesmerised from start to finish.

A must-see for the whole family.

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