Review: Reginald D Hunter at the Ipswich Regent

Reginald D Hunter. Photo Kash Yusaf

Reginald D Hunter. Photo Kash Yusaf - Credit: Archant

There were plenty of laughs as Reginald D Hunter mixed current topics with stories of years gone by as The Man Who Attempted To Do As Much As Such came to the Ipswich Regent.

The American comedian started off his performance by apologising to those who had not seen his stand up performances before, as it was nothing like his appearances on television.

Talking about current topics, he gave a warning about how the his father had been affected by the lack of a national health system, and to keep that in mind as people went to the polls next week. Being taxed in both America and the UK was also referenced throughout the show.

Lifting the lights in the theatre he got the audience involved in the act, using science his friend had put to him, finding out that men were funnier than women.

The show, which lasted in total around 90 minutes, kept the audience laughing throughout with punchlines and stories of his past - be them about being told about sexual relations by his parents, trouble at school, being bullied, and with former partners.

However, the first segment of the show seemed to be funnier, as those he was performing to seemed to be laughing harder than in the second part. It would be unfair to say Hunter lost his way, but some of the jokes didn’t seem to get the response he may have been expecting.

However, as he referenced jokes from the first half of the show, he still managed to get laughter from the audience, who appreciated him with a large round of applause as he left the stage for the second and final time.

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Hunter also made a friend too – 15-year-old Brad, although after asking whether he had permission to sleep with the teenager’s mother just before departing the stage – maybe not.

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