Review: Sally Morgan, Ipswich Corn Exchange

Medium Sally Morgan

Medium Sally Morgan - Credit: Archant

A rare evening out with my teenage daughter was on the cards. She, like me, is fascinated by the world of psychics, mediums and the like but I have to admit, having seen Sally Morgan on the TV, I had my reservations about the “show womanship” and whether this would overpower the evening.

As soon as the ever-shrinking Sally stepped on stage, you couldn’t help but feel wrapped in her warmth and the feeling that while, yes, it’s a show and she has to make it entertaining for all, she really does care about what she is doing and takes this very seriously.

By her own admission, her bubbly personality helps with her delivery and ability to communicate with the public and this really shines through the whole evening.

Very quickly, Sally had people from the spirit world join her on stage and communicated with their loved ones messages and thoughts identifiable to the people concerned.

There were quite a few instances where people “came through” but were not claimed. Some may say this is odd, but perhaps there was an element of embarrassment or fear in validating them.

That said, even a die-hard sceptic couldn’t fail to be impressed by some of the messages that were claimed, not always easy subjects to be communicated, and an element of bravery from the audience members in standing up and confirming their stories.

I for one felt I could have sat there all evening. You know in your heart of hearts that to have a message come through for yourself would be the ultimate aim, sadly that wasn’t to be for us. That didn’t take away from the entertainment and enjoyment and we both left a little bit in awe of this little but larger than life lady with what appears to be an amazing gift.

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We’d definitely go again.

Jo Reeder