Review: Sarah Millican is too rude for TV – but full house sees the funny side

With her new television series starting last week, Sarah Millican has been getting a lot of press of late.

So it was no surprise that the Regent was completely sold out on Saturday night for her one woman show.

Starting at a fast pace, Sarah is ruder on stage than when on the telly.

But this only helps to enhance the punch lines.

It’s like a conversation between two mates in the pub.

I had deliberately not watched the first TV show so that I could be sure I wouldn’t have heard any of the jokes.

I shouldn’t have worried, most of the material she does live could not be shown on TV.

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After a few observations about weight, Sarah went straight into audience participation around the subject of love.

It turns out that Ipswich likes to join in.

This gave her plenty of opportunities for one liners and showed her experience of the comedy circuit.

Most of the themes that she talked about were around everyday life, things that you can easily imagine or have first hand knowledge of.

Sarah always has an unusual take on things but you can believe that these things have happened to her, probably because she looks and sounds quite ordinary.

There was no clever stage show, flashing lights or props, just Sarah and her jokes.

The laughs came thick and fast with the audience completely enthralled and really taking to her.

Towards the end of the evening she was talking about things that she had never been allowed to do as a girl, for instance her mother would not let her have Space Dust because she wasn’t quite sure if it was legal or not.

Unsurprisingly Sarah had some Space Dust with her and ate the whole packet in one go which, although funny, made telling the next joke quite difficult.

The show was over all too soon but the audience had enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

I’m going to make sure I watch her television show when it is repeated later on.