Review: Shane Filan, Ipswich Regent, November 25

Ex-Westlife singer Shane Filan, who played the Ipswich Regent last night

Ex-Westlife singer Shane Filan, who played the Ipswich Regent last night - Credit: Archant

Playing a more intimate gig than he’s been used to in recent years, Shane - formerly of Westlife fame - came to Ipswich as part of his You and Me tour. The audience was almost entirely made up of females and Shane and his five piece band certainly knew how to entertain.

I’ve been a (not so secret) Westlife fan since they burst on to the scene more than 12 years ago, but last night proved undoubtedly that Shane has always been the star of the show. His vocals were on point and the sound at the Regent was fantastic.

Supported by a live band - with the violin player in particular standing out - Shane sang his way through a mix of covers, Westlife classics and tracks from his first solo album.

He looked completely at ease on his own and although the fans were throughly enjoying the Westlife hits, his solo material didn’t disappoint either.

Ashley was the lucky lady plucked from the audience to be serenaded and it gave Shane a chance to show off his humorous yet caring demeanour.

Having gone through a tough few years, one thing that must have helped Shane through is the support of his fans and that was completely evident last night. He’s truly grateful and the fans are truly glad he’s back.

Emma Noye

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