Review: Steve Hackett - Genesis Extended Tour

Steve Hackett. Photo: Temesvari Gergely

Steve Hackett. Photo: Temesvari Gergely - Credit: Archant

Steve Hackett left Genesis in 1977 and the band continued making music together until 1997, but it’s notable how much influence he had had in the early years.

The gig started with Dance On A Volcano, the Regents light show being used to good effect. Then we had Squonk from the same album, the sound harking back to 1976. Hackett tours with an 6 piece band, including the obligatory 2 necked guitar, once favoured by Mike Rutherford, and now played by Nick Beggs. Hackett showed that he has lost none of his fingering dexterity during the solo in Dancing With The Moonlit Knight. He stands centre stage and straight of back, your eyes drawn to his guitar as he makes the notes you know so well. The band are tight and even though it is the first night of the current tour, clearly they are already enjoying themselves.

During the show no album was left unvisited. Return Of The Giant Hogweed from 1971 showed that good music doesn’t date and still had the original power. The packed house loved it. Highlight of the night for me was an extended version of I Know What I Like In Your Wardrobe.

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