Review: World Factory, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, to April 30

Metis' World Factory. Photo: Simon Daw

Metis' World Factory. Photo: Simon Daw - Credit: Archant

Metis’ performance project investigates global consumer capitalism through the lens of the textile industry, all the way from the industrial revolution in 19th Century Manchester to the world behind the made-in-China labels we see on our clothes today.

From the Chinese factory floors to the catwalks of London’s fashion bods, a small body of actors take you through your event as you play the role of managers and decision makers at a textile factory, choosing paths according to events and various crises as they arise.

Should you let staff go due to cuts? One of your workers is an illegal migrant, but she’s the best you have, so what do you do? Each decision has a consequence, financially and ethically.

The process reflects a cut-throat life and unrelenting buy and throwaway consumerism that characterises fashion and clothes making as we know it or, rather, as we don’t.

The factory weaves together the stories of people connected by the global textile industry, from the ground up.

Highlighting the existence of mass production and vulture capitalism, Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw invite you to play a provocative game. Which card will you draw? Will you be an ethical factory owner or will your profits and gains dominate your decisions?

Featuring fantastic visual effects, lighting and video, accompanied by a provocative score, World Factory is an investigation of fast and greedy fashion that will have you questioning your wardrobe and lifestyle.

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Presented by METIS in co-production with The New Wolsey Theatre, Young Vic and Company of Angels, visit for more information.

Mira Shareif

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