When will Santa visit your street in Felixstowe, Kirton and the Trimleys?

Santa will be visiting the streets of Felixstowe in the run up to Christmas. Picture: SARAH LUCY

Santa will be visiting the streets of Felixstowe in the run up to Christmas. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Santa and his red-nosed colleague Rudolph have set out on their festive tour of the Felixstowe area. 

He will be out in his sleigh every weekday from 6pm - 8.30pm until Wednesday, December 22. 

This hotly-anticipated event is a combined effort from the Felixstowe Rotary Club, Save the Children International and the Felixstowe Lions Club, all dedicated to raising some Christmas spirit and funds for worthy causes both close to home and overseas. 

Santa and Rudolph's journey began last week and they have already been busy spreading the festive goodwill around Walton, Grange Farm Avenue and Trimley St Martin. According to website manager of the Rotary Club, Paul Griffiths, they have enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome from residents. 

Santa in Felixstowe - by Peter Wiles

Santa in Felixstowe - by Peter Wiles - Credit: citizenside.com

The duo have also been keeping up with the latest technology. 

“When Rudolph sets off at about 6 o’clock each evening, you can follow his journey,” says Paul. The Glympse app allows viewers to follow Santa’s progress in his sleigh. “I think kids and parents find it quite a thrill to track Santa,” he added. 

If you’d like a longer visit with Santa, and the chance to take some photos, he will also be in Felixstowe over the next two weekends. You can find him on: 

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Saturday, December 11 on Hamilton Road, 9.30am – 4.30pm; 

Sunday, December 12 at Lidl on Langer Road, 10am – 4.30pm; 

Saturday, December 18 at Morrisons, 9.30am – 4.30pm. 

Sunday, December 19 at Morrisons, 10am – 4.30pm. 

Santa and Rudolph will be taking the following route this Christmas: 

Monday, December 6 - Grange Road and the roads leading off (Mill Lane to railway bridge), Coronation Drive and the roads off, Mill Lane, Stour Avenue and Wadgate Road. 

Tuesday, December 7 - Trimley St. Mary - Sprites Hall Lane, High Road, New Road, Chatsworth Crescent, Addington Road, Station Road, The Avenues and St. Mary's Close. 

Wednesday, December 8 - Trimley St. Martin - St. Martin's Green, Mill Lane and roads leading off. 

Thursday, December 9 - St. Andrew's Road (east), Croutel Road, Brook Lane, Picketts Road, High Road East, Foxgrove Lane, Thornley Road, Rosebery Road, Bath Road, Quilter Road, Barton Road and Constable Road. 

Friday, December 10 - Trimley St. Mary - Faulkeners Way estate, starting at the shops on the green going to Trimley High Road covering the roads leading off, including Punchard Way, Langstons, Farriers Went, Dains Place and the roads leading off. 

Saturday, December 11 - Hamilton Road from 9.30am – 4.30pm. 

Sunday, December 12 - Lidl, Langer Road 10am – 4.30pm. 

Monday, December 13 - Town Centre - Valley Walk, Garrison Lane, Newry Avenue, Surrey Road, Goyfield Avenue, Chaucer Road, Princes Gardens, Princes and Queens Roads from St. Andrew's Road to Wolsey Gardens, plus Orwell Road and the roads leading off. 

Tuesday, December 14 - Maybush Lane, Priory Road, Marcus Road, St. Georges, Church Road and roads off, Looe Road and the roads leading off, Sunningdale/Wentworth Drives, Quinton's Lane. 

Wednesday, December 15 - Walton - Maidstone Road and the roads leading off Cornwall Road, Seaton Road and High Street. 

Thursday, December 16 - Trimley St. Mary - Faulkeners Way estate - starting at shops on the green going to Trimley High Road, covering the roads leading off, including Fen Meadow, Thomas Avenue, The Wheelwrights, Dawson Drive, The Josselyns, Woodlands Avenue, Drovers Court and Mill Pouch. 

Friday, December 17 - Town Centre roads bounded by and including Tomline Road, Hamilton Gardens, Chevalier Road, Felix Road, Gainsborough Road and St. Andrew's (West). 

Saturday, December 18 - Morrisons from 9.30am – 4.30pm 

Sunday, December 19 - Morrisons from 10am – 4.30pm 

Monday, December 20 - Western Avenue and Westmorland Road and the roads off. 

Tuesday, December 21 - Fairfield and Glenfield Avenue, Beatrice Avenue, Dellwood, Fleetwood and Lynwood Avenue, Landsdowne Road, Rosemary Avenue, Colneis Road, Links Avenue, Upperfield Drive. 

Wednesday, December 22 - Kirton