Review: An Evening With the Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers returned to Suffolk last night Picture: IAN WEST/ PA WIRE

The Hairy Bikers returned to Suffolk last night Picture: IAN WEST/ PA WIRE - Credit: PA

A smourgis board of audiovisual and culinary delights were on offer as one of Britain’s favourite cooking duos hit the stage at the Ipswich Regent.

The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, returned to Ipswich this week to present a night of nostalgia, music and live cooking.

Backed by clips from across their career in television the pair seek to answer audience questions about everything from diets to dancing while also sharing their memories.

Those who have followed the pair through their career will appreciate that there is a plethora of material for Si and Dave to pour over, from the early days of their first pilot to Dave’s appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, but the clips fit neatly into the show’s narrative.

And then of course there is the food itself.

There’s something so appealing about sitting in a theatre and having the smell of freshly prepared food waft over to your seat.

With their own mini kitchen set up on stage Si and Dave effortlessly prepare mouth watering recipes while the audience watches.

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Perhaps then it’s not a show to go to on an empty stomach.

Unless that is, you are lucky enough to be one of the audience members brought up on stage to enjoy the fruits of the cooks’ labours. It’s not just their cooking skills that are shown off during the evening but also the pair’s comic timing and musical talents.

A mix of double entendres and what should fondly be referred to as ‘dad jokes’ mean that the whole audience are behind the men as they slave away behind the stoves.

The finale to the show, a rousing rendition of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, was a most unexpected but energetic way to finish off the evening and exhibited Si in particular’s musical skills.

Lighthearted but with a sense of purpose, spending an evening with the Hairy Bikers proves why the nation has taken them into it’s collective heart.

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