SPILL Festival prepares for packed programme at renovated venue

Elly Clarke, Onca, SPILL Festival in Ipswich 

Elly Clarke, Onca, SPILL Festival in Ipswich - Credit: SPILL Festival

Ipswich's long-running art festival will showcase a new series of artists when it opens its newly refurbished venue to the public this week. 

SPILL Festival will run a series of evening events called Think Tank Live at the Think Tank, next to Ipswich Museum. 

During Think Tank Live, participants can experience a series of artists’ performances, talks and screenings in an informal setting.  

Dot Howard, SPILL Festival in Ipswich

Dot Howard, SPILL Festival in Ipswich - Credit: SPILL Festival

Afterwards the audience can stay on and chat, enjoy a drink in the licensed bar and listen to music. 

Think Tank Live aims to be a showcase for many great local artists. 

Most of the performances will feature work prepared by leading artists who are based in or around Suffolk or with a close connection to East Anglia.   

The first half of the programme in June and July will kick off on Thursday, June 16, with a performance prepared by SPILL Festival’s artistic director, Robin Deacon, called Vinyl Equations. 

Robin Deacon, Vinyl Equations, SPILL Festival in Ipswich

Robin Deacon, Vinyl Equations, SPILL Festival in Ipswich - Credit: SPILL Festival

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During the summer, the festival will also welcome sound sculpture artist Mike Challis and live artists Elly Clarke and Madinah Thompson. 

There is also planned an interactive session where audiences will help to create an artwork with Dot Howard and Sorrel Muggridge. 

The second half of Think Tank Live will run in September and October where SPILL will welcome artists Richard Dedomenici, Loula Yorke and Giovanna Maria Cassetta. 

A Q&A session will happen after each performance as conversations between artists and audiences are a very important part of Think Tank Live. 

Madinah Thompson,  SPILL Festival in Ipswich

Madinah Thompson, Saliva and tears underneath you, SPILL Festival in Ipswich - Credit: SPILL Festival

Mr Deacon said: “At the launch of Think Tank Live I will be sharing my own performance of Vinyl Equations, accompanied by my turntable and beloved record collection. Those who join us will also get to hear about plans for the future of SPILL and our next festival.  

“You are guaranteed to have an interesting evening and meet friendly people at a Think Tank Live event. I look forward to welcoming new people and our long-term supporters, as we usher in a new era for SPILL.” 

Nightwire, Mike Challis, SPILL Festival in Ipswich

Nightwire, Mike Challis, SPILL Festival in Ipswich - Credit: SPILL Festival

Each SPILL Think Tank Live event has an audience capacity of just 40 spaces.  Tickets can be booked online or on 01473 216545.