Stimulating talk about the arts

Any Arts Questions, 1pm to 2pm, Thursday July 1,Methodist Church Museum Street

AN innovative and unique event in the Ip-art programme was Any Arts Questions.

This followed the format Any Questions on Radio 4. The panellists - Assis Carreiro, artistic director and chief executive, DanceEast; Andrew Clarke, arts editor, EADT; Anthony Coe, director of the John Russell Gallery, Rob Dunger, BBC Radio Suffolk and Stephen Rumsey, musical director, Ipswich Choral Society - all well known and highly respected, in their own fields of expertise, were highly competent in debating on the broader spectrum of the arts.

Under the chairmanship of Professor Chris Green they debated a range of questions posed by the audience. Their exchange of views was lively and stimulating and they complemented each other splendidly. Examples of the wide range of questions asked were do TV reality programmes such as Maestro, The Choir and So You Think You Can Sing inspire people to become active in the arts? Are the arts seen as elitist and what is the future of funding for the arts?

Any Arts Questions promises to be an established event in future Ip-art programmes. There is a chance to view it on the BBC Politics Programme on Sunday, July 18.


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