Video/Ipswich: “Hopefully we won’t suck” - Chantry Park bound McBusted interviewed

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Barely a minute into my chat with McBusted, chaos reigns. James Bourne, Matt Willis, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter’s voices merge into one as they joke about everything, veering from ex-bandmate Charlie Simpson and their favourite Indian dishes to late arrival Harry Judd’s beauty regime.

Rehearsals for their smash UK tour, including a blazing gig at London’s O2, hadn’t even begun when I caught up with them.

“We’ll be pretty well rehearsed by the time we come and play for you so hopefully we won’t suck,” jokes Willis.

Everybody’s excited - “I’m excited the most,” Poynter interupts - about playing Ipswich’s Chantry Park on June 29; describing the show as the cherry on a very awesome, lovely, sexy cake and rounding off their year very nicely.

Getting the obvious question out the way, how do they feel about ex-Busted member Simpson, from Woodbridge, not taking part?

“It’s alright we’ve got another posh one in the band,” somebody jokes before Bourne adds: “The thing about Charlie is he’s not ready to do it yet, but you know if one day... it’s not that he’s not welcome if he wants to get involved he’s just not ready yet.”

Mention of his name sparks memories of a night on the town with his dad, visiting a few of the local pubs; followed by another of being introduced to the delights of a certain type of ghosh during a night out with the Simpson clan at an Indian restaurant.

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Busted and McFly go way back, Fletcher was almost in the former; so it’s a surprise they haven’t got together like this before now.

“We’ve a lot of history... We remained friends and have been writing with each other for 10 years non-stop, that’s never changed so it felt like we should’ve done it before this,” he says.

What pushed them was Bourne’s visit to see McFly play Manchester.

“It’d been a while since I played and stuff and and they were like ‘why don’t we go out and play some songs’? I played some Busted songs and they went over really well with the McFly audience... the crowd in Manchester inspired us to do something as one.

“We did a lot of writing together for their elusive sixth album,” he adds, sparking laughter from everbody else. “I can’t wait for people to have that. We always had a good relationship but it got tighter at the beginning of last year in Manchester... things lead to other things, it’s crazy.”

All five were surprised by the response their team-up got, fearing people wouldn’t care.

“We were excited, we thought it was a really cool thing to do; but we never anticipated so many people would be into this and that it would just go the extreme that is has gone. Every day we’re just really hopeful for anybody supporting this little venture we’re on,” says Bourne.

“It was like Wayne’s World, we really didn’t think anyone would come, they came by magic,” adds Willis.

The moment of reflection is shattered by cries of “Harry is now here, wooh Harry”, who jokes he’s just been “cleansing” after a trip to the loo. Another voice jokes he was actually getting rid of the glitter he’s still finding from his Strictly Come Dancing days.

Back to the Ipswich show, part of this year’s Ip-art festival, the boys don’t know what audiences can expect having not played a full gig when we spoke.

Various voices shout out: “One performance - we (only) know three songs.”

Barely audible over the laughing, I can just make out Jones joking: “It could be terrible. If you liked Children in Need performance then you’ll like the tour. We did three songs together and I was out of breath. So I’m not sure how I’m going to last.”

“The full set,” says Judd. “If you like Busted and you like McFly I’m pretty sure you’ll get a lot out of this; it’s just going to be a lot of fun, energy and good pop music.”

It’s Poynter, I think amid the din, who sums it up best.

“It’s like if you love peanut butter you scoop out the peanut butter and, if you love Nutella, scoop it into the Nutella jar. Peanut butter and Nutella together, both of those things, can’t go wrong together.”

“Wow, that sounds ******* amazing,” coo various voices before we veer off again into who’s the better I’m A Celebrity king of the jungle - Willis or Poynter.

“They’re literally always arguing about it. It’s quite distracting,” somebody jokes.

Back to the show; specifically the set list. It’ss pretty evenly spread between the two bands, say the McFly boys. It’s long, with them having more songs to squeeze in but add, to be fair, it’s been a long time since people heard Busted songs so there may be a shift in some priorities.

“We’re just looking forward to putting together a set list and trying to put on the best show possible, but then again Busted only have like seven singles,” they laugh with Willis and Bourne adding: “We never really have a lot to play.”

Big fans of support act the Backstreet Boys the boys are also looking forward to watching Diversity. Can we expect to see them on stage “McBusting” some moves alongside the Britain’s Got Talent winners?

“I don’t know, they might be very professional but I’m willing to collaborate,” says Bourne. “I haven’t had that conversation but I’d like to keep the idea open.”

The gig, he concludes, is going to be the closest thing to time travel; taking in both bands’ past and future.

“Honestly, we’re so excited about these shows, We really can’t believe they are happening. When we got asked to play them we were so taken aback by it, it’s blown us away that we’re headlining these events and we’re going to do everything we can to put on an awesome show.”

Joining McBusted on June 29 will be the Backstreet Boys, Diversity, 5ive and Scouting For Girls.

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