What’s on Wayne: Sorry Lord Sugar, you got it wrong on this week’s Apprentice.

The Apprentice's Lord Sugar

The Apprentice's Lord Sugar - Credit: PA

Skeleton gate dominated this week’s episode of The Apprentice, which saw the remaining candidates roaming London trying to buy everything from a sink to oud oil for the best price possible.

Apprentice 2014 candidate Felipe Alviar-Baquero, too smart for his own good?

Apprentice 2014 candidate Felipe Alviar-Baquero, too smart for his own good? - Credit: Archant

Let’s get to the bare bones of the matter Lord Sugar, where in the item specifications did it say the skeleton had to be fully constructed? The fact is fired contestant Felipe Alviar-Baquero lawyered you and you didn’t like it.

Felipe and project manager Daniel Lassman - the latter going from hero to zero faster than the racing cars the winning team got to drive - picked up a paper skeleton for a song. Despite being anatomically correct and the right height, Sugar was having none of it and hit them with a massive fine that saw them unfairly back in the boardroom.

Team-mates Katie Bulmer-Cooke and Mark Wright feigned ignorance to draw attention away from their own gaff of buying more than enough rope to nearly hang themselves with as it turned out, coming back with 1.7metres instead of the requisite 1m.

If only the garden centre they got it from stocked some kind of sharp cutting tools it’d make a killing.

Apprentice 2014 candidate Daniel Lassman, lucky to still be in the running?

Apprentice 2014 candidate Daniel Lassman, lucky to still be in the running? - Credit: Archant

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Daniel was so happy with himself for uniting the team, which he’d dismantled weeks before, his team-mates sang his praises and he and Mark finally buried the hatchet - surprisingly not in each others’ backs.

I loved it when he took Felipe’s hand to guide him safely across the road; it also meant the lawyer was around to throw under the bus when it all fell apart in the boardroom.

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This scavenger hunt task is always one of the best. Watching Daniel and Felipe trying to sob story the diamond trader who came over a bit Brando in the Godfather at one point and hot favourite Roisin Hogan’s haggling result in another smitten diamond trader probably having to spend a few nights sleeping on his sofa once his wife sees Wednesday’s episode was great.

High-fiving each other for getting £2.19 off a chicken or a penny off scallops you’d think they’d single-handedly pulled us out of recession.

To be honest, either team could’ve lost. Technically they both did.

Despite hours of planning to the point I thought they’d never leave the house, rival team Sanjay Sood-Smith, Bianca Miller, Solomon Akhtar and Roisin ran around like headless chickens - albeit not kosher ones, a rarity apparently.

My favourite TV reality show - aside from Masterchef Australia, the UK version leaves me colder than Gregg Wallace’s dancing - I can’t wait for the interview episode. The only downside to Wednesday’s episode was that when Sugar turned up at the house nobody thought to close the curtains and hide or that Felipe didn’t come down in an Arsenal onesie.

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