What’s on Wayne: We’ve more important things to get angry about than a tightrope walking dog

Britain's Got Talent winners Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse

Britain's Got Talent winners Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse - Credit: Archant

So Britain’s Got Talent ended up in the doghouse after it emerged a stunt dog stood in for eventual winner Matisse during part of the recent final.

TV watchdog Ofcom and ITV received complaints from people feeling they’d been duped. There was talk of an investigation and some even called for the dog and trainer Jules O’Dwyer to be stripped of the title and their £250,000 prize.

I haven’t watched the show for years but, strangely, did catch the duo’s finale performance.

When I heard collie Chase had took to the tightrope instead of Matisse I felt a bit cheated... Ten seconds later I came to my senses and remembered there are plenty of real problems

going on in the world.

Whichever dog was up there, I assume it was still O’Dwyer who trained them?

It’s not like Matisse went to O’Dwyer with the idea of entering the ITV1 show, but had to call Chase and say: “Look, she’s come up with a trick for the final and heights aren’t my thing. Lend me a paw and there’s a juicy bone in it for you.”

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Yes, somebody should’ve pointed out the switch but let’s put this in perspective. We’re talking about picking a dog to dance for royalty, not take a seat in the House of Commons (I don’t know if they’d be allowed on the furniture anyway).

If you feel that strongly, ask for your money back, buy a tin of dog or cat food and donate it to your nearest animal shelter.