Could there be an Atomic Kitten reunion?

Natasha Hamilton as wicked queen Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Natasha Hamilton as wicked queen Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

Will Eternal Flame singer Natasha Hamilton make us ‘whole again’ by reforming with the other Atomic Kittens for a reunion tour? Watch our video to find out.

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton is set to play the role of the Wicked Queen at The Regent’s Christmas pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Star will work alongside X-factor’s Stevi Ritchie, Britain’s got Talent’s Matt Pagan, and other big names in the star cast.

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We caught up with 36-year-old at The Regent to hear about how the show is going, embarrassing on stage moments, what her plans are and if we can expect a reunion of our favourite 90’s girl group.

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When asked about the possibility of the Tide is High singers reforming Natasha said: “We have had so many reunions over the years and they’ve all been amazing but we are all just concentrating on our own thing at the moment.

“I spent most of this year touring and acting and I am going to dedicate next year to my own music and I’ve also got a blog as well it is a family lifestyle blog called gurgles and so that takes up a lot of time.”

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