Waterfront making rapid progress

THINGS are taking shape nicely down at Ipswich Waterfront, with predictions that by next summer the restaurant and bar district will be “heaving”.

THINGS are taking shape nicely down at Ipswich Waterfront, with predictions that by next summer the restaurant and bar district will be “heaving”.

One new bar has opened in the past fortnight and two major chains are in the process of fitting out their restaurant and bar complexes so that within the next few months a string of new venues will have opened.

And East Anglia's tallest building is quickly reaching its full height, with 20 of the 23 stories at The Mill already in place.

Wharfside Regeneration's project is going up rapidly, with the topping out ceremony expected next month.

Keith Davis, from the developers, said: “It's going up about a floor a week at the moment, if not faster.

“We've been up 18 or 19 floors in the last week or two and the views from up there are absolutely amazing.”

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Other buildings on the Waterfront are also taking shape fast, with hundreds of new apartments coming on line within the next six months.

The owner of the Waterfront's newest restaurant and bar today said that with all the new apartments under construction and the opening of a series of restaurants, cafes and bars, the area was really starting to take off.

Greg Morgan, owner of the Waterfront Bar and Bistro, said: “I think you'll really see it next summer. By then it will really explode.

“I think the place will be heaving. All our customers are saying it's beautiful down here, they love it here.”

As the building work on some of the projects reaches its latter stages, visitors to the Waterfront will start to notice changes in coming weeks.

The boarding which is blocking pedestrians from walking from Stoke Bridge to the Customs House area is expected to be removed within days, allowing largely unrestricted access along the water's edge.

Mr Morgan, a former City worker whose other business Morgan's Wine Bar in Arcade Street, Ipswich, is run by his wife Lorraine, said there was a growing sense of confidence among business owners at the Waterfront of its popularity.

He said: “We believe in what's happening down here. It's not going to happen overnight but if you go to Liverpool, Cardiff, any of those places, the hub of it is the docklands area and this is as beautiful as any of those.

“By the end of this week you'll be able to walk right through to Stoke Bridge. Soon you'll have four or five reasons to come out down here which will help particularly in the winter months when it gets cold and windy and people can spend the whole evening moving from one to the next.”

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