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WE asked shoppers in Ipswich about their attitude to St George's Day.

WE asked shoppers in Ipswich about their attitude to St George's Day.

Dianne Thomas, 53, of Nacton Road, Ipswich:

“I didn't realise.

“I would probably have heard it on the news though.”

Brian Finch, 74, of Colchester:

“I didn't have a clue which is unusual for me. We are ashamed to be British today.

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“When we go on holiday we are ashamed for people to know we are British because the British show themselves up something chronic.

Pauline Parfitt, 56, of Milden Road, Ipswich:

“I always know when it is. My son used to go to scouts and we always used to have St George's Day celebrations.

“I don't think it is celebrated enough nowadays. St Patrick's Day is really celebrated but we just don't seem to do anything.”

John Clayton, of Celestion Drive, Ipswich:

“I know it's St George's Day tomorrow, it is also Shakespeare's birthday. The English are so apathetic, it's a disgrace.

“I have just lost faith in this country. I'm a passionate Englishman but I'm also a passionate Europhile.”

Shirley Wegg, 52, of Nacton Road, Ipswich:

“I knew it was around this time but not the actual date. I don't think it is celebrated enough.”

Darcie Clark, 43, of Hawke Road, Ipswich.

“I knew it was tomorrow. I don't think anything is celebrated enough, not even Christmas.”

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