Youngsters in Idol contest final

THIS lot are a talented bunch!These youngsters are today preparing to wow the judges at the regional finals of Idol 2008 - a national music and dancing competition.

Naomi Cassidy

THIS lot are a talented bunch!

These youngsters are today preparing to wow the judges at the regional finals of Idol 2008 - a national music and dancing competition.

The pupils from Kesgrave High School and Deben High School are all hoping to get through the regional round and reach the national final where they will battle against thousands of other singers and dancers across the UK.

They attended the tough auditions in Ipswich's Corn Exchange and after emerging as some of the most talented people in the area, they will now face their next challenge in October.

The indie/rock band No Added Sugar, consisting of 16-year-old Liv Neller, and 17-year-olds Alex Burton and Tim Gosden, all from Kesgrave High, only got together in July this year.

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Liv, who is from Kesgrave, said: “Although we haven't been together long, we're really excited to have this opportunity to get our feet of the ground and really gain some recognition and support.”

Ellie Nudd, 15, from Martlesham Heath, also made it through thanks to her stunning rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

She said: “I have liked singing since I was young. I would love to do something to do with music in the future.”

Kashika Paris, 14, from Kesgrave, is a hip hop dancer and has to prepare a three-and-a-half minute routine for the regional final.

She said: “I have only been dancing since January 2007 but I have always been brought up around music. I was really excited to get through.”

Stacey Ellis, a 16-year-old from Felixstowe, has been singing and dancing since she was four and has set her heart on a career on stage.

She said: “I was very nervous at the Idol 2008 auditions - but now I am through I am quite excited. I am practising every day and have narrowed it down to two songs but don't know yet which one I will sing on the night.”

This year will be the fourth time the competition for singers, vocal groups, and dancers has been held. Last year there were more than 10,000 applicants nationwide.

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The competition offers singers and dancers the opportunity to perform live in front of large audiences as well as the chance to win up to £25,000 in prizes if crowned the UK's Idol 2008.

The contestants will be competing to get a place in the national final, which takes place in November. The vocal winners will receive a range of prizes including a recording contract to release their single with the aim to nationally chart. The dance winners will go on a UK tour and appear in the video for the vocal winner's single.

Kashika, No Added Sugar and Stacey will be taking part in the regional final show held at Corn Exchange, Ipswich on October 19.

Ellie will be going to the regional show in Croydon in October.

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