From fine art to fingerless gloves, Barbara Streisand to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' knees, polar bears and community art to Lowestoft and beach rubbish - it's been quite a journey for artist Clare Johnson.

The Boys, Amazon Prime: "SOme of the most entertaining TV of 2019". Why the hotly-anticipated superhero series The Boys flips the genre on its head and takes a departure from Marvel's goodie-two shoes image.

Eight hours of the 1980s: Stranger Things season three is a rollercoaster ride that brings back some of the momentum lost in season two. Here's a review that isn't full of spoilers for those of you that haven't blocked out the time required to binge-watch the latest outing in Hawkins, Indiana.

First look at new Poldark series five trailer: Ross and Demelza face a new set of trials and tribulations, but Aiden Turner's hair looks spectacular throughout them all.

"It will be wonderful for us to see Cliff again when he appears on TV. We all miss him so much" Ipswich Waterfront café owner Anna Matthews prepares to watch her appearance on Channel 4's Drag SOS which was filmed before the death of her beloved husband.

New TV makeover show that blends Queer Eye with RuPaul's Drag Race comes to Ipswich to give three people including Waterfront café a dramatic new drag persona to help them face the future and sashay through tough times.

An Eye D-Day veteran's Normandy story has been included in the publicity for a new £2 coin to mark the 75th anniversary of the beach landings.

The last voices of the longest day: our veterans tell us their incredible D-Day stories, from seasickness to blind fear, heroism to horror.

Astute businesswoman, mountaineer, globetrotter, prolific diarist, a proud lesbian during a time when it was difficult simply to be a woman - Anne 'Gentleman Jack' Lister was one of the 19th century's most intriguing characters. Find out more about BBC1's new heroine. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been axed by ITV after the death of a guest who took part in the programme - but was it the right decision to axe the show that was born in Norwich?

Good news for those who are already preparing to go into mourning as the end of an era is ushered in with the Game of Thrones finale. A new spin-off pilot series has been ordered by HBO which is set thousands of years before the events of the main series.

Are you ready for the last ever episode of Game of Thrones? Just one episode remains of this final series and the new trailer hints at even more darkness and danger on the horizon. Who will take Westeros' Iron Throne? CONTAINS SPOILERS

All the questions we need answered in the Line of Duty series five finale: can Jed Mercurio tie up all the plot threads or is he going to leave us waiting for answers in season six? CONTAINS SPOILERS.

After a tortuous week of waiting Game of Thrones' long anticipated battle of Winterfell finally unfolded in a lengthy episode filled with talking points. The Night is Dark and, actually, a complete mess says our reviewer. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS

Saying that money pledged to rebuild Notre Dame should be spent on something 'more worthy' is a bit like saying the money we spend on going on holiday could be spent on helping other people - we need to look closer to home to find those who should help the victims of Grenfell.

It was one of the most anticipated returns in television history with millions waiting to see what would happen in the massive-budget last-ever six episodes of the dragon and magic blockbuster. The answer? Not much. CONTAINS SPOILERS

Fleabag series two finale: the best quotes from this year's stand-out comedy, including Belinda's monologue. The Priest's command in the confession box, Fleabag's rant about hair and Claire's awkward way of telling her sister she loves her.

Shocking revelations mean we'll be back next week for the third instalment of ITV's The Widow - but what did we learn in episode two and what are the questions we've been left pondering? CONTAINS SPOILERS.

The countdown is on until Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and last-ever series - here are the five big questions that the final series needs to answer in order to satisfy die-hard fans.

Watching the Detectives: the pace didn't relent in episode two of Line of Duty, and it's left us with burning questions we need answering in episode three of this year's most-watched TV show.

The questions we have after episode one of The Widow starring Kate Beckinsale in a role which has tempted her back to the small screen. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Director John Hughes created some of the most memorable Brat Pack films and his legacy has inspired film and TV makers for decades - from Heathers to Netflix's Sex Education, Mean Girls to Juno, there's a Hughes flavour to a host of classic entertainment.

Norfolk and Suffolk entertainers have a history of being big hits on Britain's Got Talent - as we prepare for a new series this weekend, we look at some of the region's BGT success stories from Ronan Parke to Sam Kelly, Tim and Jack Goodacre to Matt Edwards, Ben Langley to Connie Lamb.

TV: Two new suspects, another bad day for Nick and one-family crime wave carried out by a police officer and her children. What are the burning questions we have after episode three of ITV's The Bay? CONTAINS SPOILERS.

A recap of episodes one and two of ITV's The Bay and the questions that need answering in episode three

Line of Duty returns on Sunday - here's a clip from the first heart-stopping episode released today and 10 things you can expect from AC-12 in series five.

Is The Bay just a Broadchurch tribute act or is comparing the two ITV dramas unfair? We take a look at the similarities and differences between the two dramas - for a start, the house prices are far more affordable in Morecambe. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Crippled by depression and driven to think of suicide after the death of his beloved wife, the set-up for Ricky Gervais' new comedy doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs - but this redemption dramedy is the best Gervais has given us for years.

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