Hugs bunnies seek new home

VIDEO What's up Doc?That is the question on everyone's lips when they first lay their eyes on these huge furry creatures.

WHAT'S up Doc?

That is the question on everyone's lips when they first lay their eyes on these huge furry creatures.

The oversized pair seem more like a freak of nature than a household pet yet they are so cuddly and friendly, they'd put Thumper to shame - they are desperate to be known as Hugs Bunnies!

Brothers Eeyore and Piglet are just eight months old but already they are more than five kilogrammes and they are set to get even bigger.

The giant rabbits, on sale at Ipswich's Pets At Home, must go to the same home as they are inseparable.

The pets arrived at the store in Orwell Retail Park, Ranelagh Road, just over a month ago and staff have already become attached. Whereas Eeyore is the more confident of the two and will pop out of his hutch as soon as the door opens, Piglet is quite shy and will follow his brother's lead.

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Alice Lowe, manager of Pets At Home, said: “They have to be kept together as they are inseparable. They lie there and groom each other.

“They are very friendly. When we let them out, they come and rub their scent on you.

“They are household rabbits, so would need to go somewhere which has been especially kitted out for rabbits. A dog crate would be ideal for them to sleep in. They are not intimidated by dogs - some dogs are smaller than they are.

“It is quite similar to owning a puppy. You would have to keep an eye on them when they are around the house because they might try to chew things. It is a big responsibility.”

They eat about 60g of food each a day, made up of a mixture of rabbit nuggets and fruit and vegetables, and of course hay. Exercise is also key to prevent obesity and the rabbits are let out of their hutch every morning to hop around the store before it opens.

Once people take an interest in the rabbits, staff then advise them to go away and think about it more and find out information about what is involved in keeping a giant rabbit.

Whoever decides they would like to take Eeyore and Piglet home, they would have to fork out to have them neutered, which would cost about £60. The rabbits cost £129 each. If you are interested, just pop into the store.

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Eeyore and Piglet are about 18 inches wide and weigh five and a half kilogrammes

They will most likely end up weighing seven kilogrammes

Their average life span is five years old, which is less than smaller or medium breeds.

Bigger bunnies need more attention than smaller ones

They need lots of room for both living and exercise

Rabbits are sociable animals and should be homed in pairs

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