Let's get Ipswich yo-yoing mad!

VIDEO Ipswich is spinning itself into the record books today as it goes yo-yoing mad.

IPSWICH is spinning itself into the record books today as it goes yo-yoing mad.

During the next few weeks thousands of free yo-yos will be given away in an effort to get young and old tossing the toys all around town.

Ultimately Ipswich Central, the business organisation behind the event, hopes to break a world record for the number of people simultaneously yo-yoing for two minutes.

Currently the record is 432 people, but with 15,000 free yo-yos handed out to people, Ipswich Central thinks it can shatter the record and put Ipswich firmly on the yo-yo map.

Paul Clement, executive director of Ipswich Central, is spinning the event along.

He said: “The idea is to flood the town with yo-yos. People will be able to get them for free all over the town.

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“We want people to train so they can yo-yo for two minutes.

“It isn't that easy but it is a lot of fun.

“It is a silly summer idea that anyone can take part in if we get enough yo-yos out there.

“We wanted to do something that was totally individual and could be done by anyone from eight to 80.

“We also wanted to leave a legacy for Ipswich so we searched for different world records and found this one.”

Once people have got hold of their yo-yos the world record attempt will take place at the Cornhill on Sunday, July 27, at 2.30pm.

All those taking part need to spin continuously for two minutes and there will be an adjudicator on hand from the Guinness Book of Records to make sure the record is officially Ipswich's.

The Evening Star is backing the event by giving away free yo-yos with the paper in Ipswich today and the toys are also available from the Star's reception.

Star editor, Nigel Pickover, who has already started practising on his yo-yo, said: “This is a fun and light-hearted event which could really put Ipswich on the map - the perfect idea for summer!”

Do you have a yo-yo story to share? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich IP4 1AN or e-mail eveningstarletters@eveningstar.co.uk.


A yo-yo is a toy made of two equally sized and weighted disks of plastic, wood or metal, connected with an axle, with a string tied around it.

When tossed the body of the yo-yo spins as the string unwinds.

The earliest surviving yo-yo dates from 500 BC, made using terracotta disks.

The International Yo-Yo Open is the largest yo-yo contest in the world. It is held every August in New York.

A yo-yo player is referred to as a yo-yoer, yoer, yoist, thrower or flinger.