Top 5 reasons why you need gigabit internet

Zen Internet ultrafast broadband ideal for individuals working at home in Ipswich

You need broadband with fast upload and download speeds to make sure you can stay on top of everything when working from home. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether you’re watching movies, working from home or studying for your next exam, there are plenty of reasons to make sure your internet speed is fast and reliable.

Paul Sinclair from Zen Internet tells us more about the latest gigabit-speed internet now available in Ipswich and five reasons why you need it.

1. Ultrafast full fibre broadband can help you remain productive while working at home

Flexible working has become the new normal for many following the Covid-19 pandemic. This means you need broadband that can handle uploading large files, running complex programmes and will ensure you can connect to your work colleagues and clients at all times.

“Our Full Fibre 900 Plus package includes unlimited broadband with uploading and downloading speeds 90x faster than standard broadband,” Paul says. “It’s one of the fastest connections you can get and can be accessed anywhere throughout your home ensuring your business can run smoothly, no matter where your desk is located.”

Full Fibre 900 Plus broadband package from Zen Internet is available to homes throughout Ipswich

With more schools using remote learning tools, it's vital you have a wireless broadband package that you can depend on to ensure your child doesn't miss out on learning. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

2. Reliable broadband connection can ensure your child keeps up with their education

The last year has seen more schools using remote learning platforms and programmes like Microsoft Teams to deliver lessons.

“Students need access to ultrafast and stable broadband to help them conduct necessary research, complete homework assignments and stay on top of their schoolwork,” Paul says.

“A reliable broadband connection can make sure your child doesn’t miss out on anything,” Paul adds.  

3. High bandwidth allows for multiple smart devices to be connected at the same time

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“The full fibre packages allow for multiple devices in your home to be connected at the same time without compromising performance,” Paul explains. “This is ideal for homes equipped with smart TV’s, smart kitchen appliances and even security systems.” 

With high bandwidth, you can install smart meters to help cut your energy bills and usage, as well as fit the latest home security systems equipped with cameras to better protect your home. 

Ultrafast gigabit-speed broadband from Zen Internet is available to homes and business in Ipswich

Ultrafast broadband from an award-winning service provider like Zen Internet, will ensure you can attend your online fitness classes without needing to worry about buffering or frozen screens. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Investing in an ultrafast wireless network that has enough bandwidth to cope with the smart devices you have at home, can help you keep your house secure and energy-efficient,” Paul says.

Zen Internet is dedicated to doing its part for the planet and has been awarded the Ethical Best Buy Consumer Label. 

"We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet, which is why we’ve already become Carbon Neutral Plus and a part of the B-Corp movement. We are also committed to becoming Net-Zero by 2028," Paul reveals.

4. Ultra-fast internet connection can help you lead the lifestyle you want

“Instead of going to the gym, lots of people are now joining online fitness classes, because it’s more convenient and can help them save money,” Paul says. “To help you make the most of this it’s important that you have reliable broadband and an internet provider you can trust.”

"We are the only Which? recommended provider for broadband 2021, and are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service."

On the rare occasion that something might go wrong, you can easily reach Zen Internet's helpful and knowledgeable support team to sort it out for you promptly, so you can focus on making the most of your free time.

5. Installing gigabit-speed WiFi service guarantees you’ll stay ahead of the technology curve

If you’re someone that likes to keep up with the latest mod-cons then gigabit-speed internet is perfect for you.

“Gigabit ultrafast broadband is a ground-breaking revolution in the internet industry and the best way to make the most of the latest technology that’s available,” Paul says.

Ipswich is one of the few UK cities where Zen Internet’s gigabit broadband is available. They have already rolled out the Full Fibre 900 Plus broadband to homes throughout the area, with more postcodes being added every day. You can see if it’s available where you live by entering your postcode at

Zen Internet also offers a unique price for life, meaning when you join you won’t need to worry about payments increasing for as long as you remain on the same package.

The Full Fibre 900 Plus broadband is easy to install. An engineer will visit your home at a time that suits you to fit your new fibre optic cable and wireless router. They will then perform a speed test to check everything is working correctly and that you have everything you need to start using it right away.

To order your package or discover more about the benefits of gigabit-speed internet, visit or call 01706 614200.

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