200-mile-a-week cyclist's pot hole peril

A MAN who cycles the equivalent of Ipswich to Leeds every week has joined The Evening Star's campaign to rid Suffolk's roads of dangerous potholes.

WOODBRIDGE: He's up and out of bed and ready to don his hi vis gear and helmet.

And he makes sure all is in working order before he climbs aboard his trusty bicycle before taking to the highways and byways of some of Suffolk's most picturesque routes.

James Morris says it takes him up to 70 minutes to get from his home in Woodbridge to Sizewell where he works.

That's a round trip of one hour 20 minutes … or 20 minutes short of 12 hours a week in the saddle.

On a good day he says he's done the journey in 50 minutes!

And now the 52-year-old, who lives in Old Barrack Road, Woodbridge, has joined The Evening Star's campaign to rid Suffolk's roads of dangerous potholes.

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Mr Morris, who works as a technician at the power plant, has become fed up with the number of pot holes he spots on his daily journey.

He said: “I've cycled all over the world and the only worse roads I've seen were in the Mojave Desert.

“As soon as some holes are repaired others start springing up. It makes roads very dangerous especially in the dark.

“As a cyclist you have to take extra care. As soon as you spot a hole you have to move out to avoid it.

“But some drivers aren't allowing me enough space when I do this. This adds to the danger. I realise we've had exceptionally cold weather this year but when peoples' safety is at risk you have to try and do something.”

Mr Morris travels on a mixture of B roads and country lanes on his daily commute, taking him through the villages of Snape, Friston, Knodishall and Leiston.

The former international canoeist says a healthy lifestyle enables him to carry out his impressive feat.

He added: “Simply being prepared for it is important. I eat the right things and generally keep fit.

“I love cycling. It means I come into work feeling refreshed and on the ball. While my colleagues are drinking coffee to wake them up I'm already raring to go!”

The Star's Spot the Pot campaign continues to go from strength to strength - so keep telling us where you spot them.

Latest additions to the list include Macaulay Road, Chelsworth Avenue, Westerfield Road, Wye Road and Burke Road, all in Ipswich.

If you spot a pothole, give us a call, send an e-mail, if possible with a picture and a post code to tell us where the pot hole is located. Call the news desk on 01473 324788 or e-mail starnews@eveningstar.co.uk.