Paramedics reached an Ipswich woman with help from a life-saving location app after she suffered a nasty leg break in a forest.

Audrey Cura, 57, was exploring the forest near Woodbridge with her husband when an accidental collision with her dog caused her leg to break in two places.

Eight-year-old Biscuit, Audrey's cockapoo, became spooked by mountain bikers riding through the forest and ran at Audrey at full-speed.

Audrey heard a loud crack as her dog's head hit her leg, breaking her fibula clean through and splitting her tibia through the middle.

Her husband quickly called the ambulance but struggled to describe their precise location within a relatively nondescript section of forest.

Audrey remembered that she had what3words downloaded onto her phone, so read their three-word address to the call handler - ///staple.scrapped.extent.

What3words is a free location app which has divided the globe into 57 trillion 3m by 3m squares, each given a unique combination of three words.

The East of England Ambulance Service was then able to find her remote location off Tunstall Road quickly to administer the medical attention Audrey urgently needed.

Though the paramedics couldn't transport her out of the forest until a special trolley was delivered, she was given gas and air on the forest bed without the need of a search party.

Audrey said: "It was truly an amazing thing to be able to use the app to find our location given there were no known roads or paths. It saves us a lot of angst and the emergency services a lot of hassle.

"The week before my accident, I considered deleting what3words off my phone, but I am so glad I didn't as it played a key role in helping emergency services locate me.

"I would never consider deleting the app again and have insisted my daughter download it as well in case she breaks down in the middle of nowhere."

Due to the severity of her injuries, Audrey had surgery and now has two plates and nine pins in her leg, but has been able to return to her woodland walks with the unscathed Biscuit.