Firefighters were called to Christchurch Park following concerns of a bird that had become trapped up a 25ft tree.

A black-headed gull had caught its leg in a branch of a tree in the middle of Wilderness Pond in Christchurch Park yesterday, March 8.

The bird. which was flailing around 25ft up the tree, caught the attention of passersby and a park worker called Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

A crew from Prince Street Fire Station came to the scene with an engine.

Ipswich Star: The rescued bird swims on the Wilderness Pond in IpswichThe rescued bird swims on the Wilderness Pond in Ipswich (Image: Matthew Tostevin)

They used a nine-metre ladder to get to the tree.

A firefighter then climbed up the tree and used a saw to cut through the branch.

Rescue team ladder Simon Paterson said: “One of our animal rescue leads has had a look at the bird and given it a bit of a check over and it’s all fine apart from a little cut on its leg where it had become trapped in the branch.

“Most of our work with birds is normally birds that are trapped in netting above shops. It’s unusual for us to go and get a bird out of a tree in a park.”

After its liberation, the bird swam in the pond, which is home to dozens of black-headed gulls during the winter.