A four-year-old boy from Bramford has completed a 2.4 mile cycle ride in order to raise money for his schools charity.

Mason Lloyd cycled from his home in Bramford to the Claydon Crown, a total of 2.4 miles over the weekend. It was the first time he had ever cycled on the road, and his first long cycle ride.

Mason, who is a nursery student at Claydon Primary school, completed the journey with his mum and dad, Charlene and Lewis.

When asked about the cycle, Mason said he found it “good” and said to his parents after the journey that he wasn’t out of breath, his legs didn’t hurt and he could go again.

Mason’s mum Charlene Stopher, said: “He said he wanted to raise a kingdom of money.”

He decided he wanted to raise money for the school after he went on a school trip to see ducks at Christchurch Park which was fully paid for by the school so he wanted to give something back.

“I know the school were looking to raise money for the library and I know any money they do raise it pays for extra bits for the kids to have at Christmas, like with Christmas meals and things like that and general trips for them.”

“When we set off one of the ladies who lives along the main road was out her house cheering for him as he cycled past.

“Then his Nana and Grandad came past and they were tooting their horn and giving him a cheer as he cycled and so did his uncle.

“When we got to the pub, his Nana, Grandad, uncle, aunt and cousin were all waiting along with Francesca Downes who we had contacted when he wanted to raise money. She was there waiting for him along with a big teddy bear.”

Mason has raised £300, but has possibly raised more for the school.