Bogus callers have been going from door-to-door in the Castle Hill area of Ipswich claiming to be from TV and internet provider TalkTalk.

The men told householders that the copper cables leading to their property are bad for the environment, and wanted to enter the home to discuss options for installing fibre.

One resident called TalkTalk, which was able to confirm that its staff were not in the area.

Trading Standards officers said anyone receiving a visit should contact the police and if possible provide descriptions of the individuals, as well as any vehicle they were seen using.

People are urged to alert friends, family and colleagues, as well as any community Facebook groups to the bogus callers' presence.

Officers advise householders to ensure the back door is locked if answering the front door to someone they don’t know; consider fitting a door chain or spy-hole; and always ask to see identity cards.

Trading Standards said: "Watch out for anyone who says they’re in a hurry or it’s an emergency. Don’t let them pressure you. If in doubt, call a neighbour or friend or the police."