A Sproughton store that featured on BBC's Antiques Road Trip earlier this week has seen a boost in trade since the episode aired.

The Shed, just off High Street in the village outside Ipswich, was visited by presenters Irita Marriott and Phil Serrell and crew members last September for a recording of the BBC One series.

It was the second time The Shed had been featured on Antiques Road Trip after TV cameras visited back in the summer of 2020.

In the show, experts are given a budget of £200 and must spot and cut a deal for items they think will sell well at auction.

When browsing the store, Marriott took a particular interest in a battery-operated hen that lays eggs and church kneelers, while Serrell was intrigued by some "really cool" vintage food signs.

Serrell eventually took home the signs and a red pillar box for £60, while Marriott took one of the kneelers for £50.

The pillar box went for £35 at auction, the food signs made a huge profit after selling for £90 while the church kneeler sold for just £30.

The episode also featured the presenters taking a look around some other stores over the border in Norfolk.

Lesley Austin, proprietor and co-founder of The Shed, said many of the store's customers saw the episode when it broadcast on Monday afternoon.

The exposure has also seen a boost in the number of visitors in the last week, Ms Austin added.

She said: "It was a real honour to be asked twice to be on the show. It was fabulous.

"We had a really good and lovely time with the crew. But we were sworn to secrecy and couldn't tell anyone about it.

"We've had a lot of people come in since and say that they've seen us on the telly. It's definitely boosted footfall and is good marketing for us.

"For them to come to little old Sproughton, we were thrilled."