A Suffolk cartoonist who has autism has shown off his latest drawings and the world he has created.

Adam Cullen, known as Adv, was at Claydon High School when he first imagined the world of Adam the Pranker.

It has been a good way, especially under lockdown, for Mr Cullen to keep busy by spending around six hours a day drawing.

Ipswich Star: Adam Cullen's first comicAdam Cullen's first comic (Image: Archant 2022)Ipswich Star: A full comicA full comic (Image: Archant 2022)

Inspired by Dennis the Menace, Mr Cullen has created a world where the Pranker goes around a US town doing harmless pranks.

It is based on his childhood when he played tricks on his family and friends.

Ipswich Star: Adv's comicAdv's comic (Image: Archant 2022)

Within the storyline, there is a collection of friends, enemies and allies including Gnussle the Pranker dog, Maxo the Pranker car, Tyler the Trouble, Smellie Wellie, The Black Pete, superhero Candy Boy, and villain Dr Prankster.

"Adam the Pranker is an American 12-year-old boy who has fun playing pranks on his own town, Adville Town," Mr Cullen said.

"He always cares about his friends, but can also have an attitude at times."

Mr Cullen spends months building each of his comics by hand by first writing out the story with the help of an English-American dictionary to get the language right.

"I don’t draw at weekends, as I'm working at Geek Retreat, " he said. "I might do rough ideas on paper first and then I do it neatly.

"I feel drawing is a lot of fun, even when I make a mistake, I can rub it out, I just want to make my characters come to life."

Ipswich Star: The cards Adam Cullen makes for family and friends.The cards Adam Cullen makes for family and friends. (Image: Archant 2022)

Mr Cullen also makes cards for his family and friends to celebrate birthdays or special events.

"My friends and family always say they love my cards, especially when I base the card on them," he said. "They really appreciate the hard work in my drawings."

Ipswich Star: Adam Cullen with Adam the Pranker character.Adam Cullen with Adam the Pranker character. (Image: Archant 2022)

The 23-year-old shop assistant is helping to run two cartoon workshops at Geek Retreat during the February half term.

One is on Friday, Feb 25 at 11am to 12pm and the second is at 1pm to 2pm.

Mr Cullen is looking for a publisher to print the comics and hopes industry leaders will see how great his work looks.