BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting live from Ipswich this week, as St Mary-le-Tower hosts the Sunday Worship programme.

The Ipswich town and civic church has been chosen to host Sunday Worship, the live morning church service on Radio 4 that is estimated to be listened to by more than 1.5 million people across the world.

A service of choral matins will be led by the vicar of St Mary-le-Tower, Reverend Tom Mumford, along with the church choir, directed by Christopher Borrett.

Revd Mumford said that it was "an enormous privilege" to be asked, adding: "It was quite unexpected but it is a testament to the mission and ministry we are pursuing here, not least through our choral tradition which, quite rare for a town, includes both adults and children.

"My hope and prayer is that people, wherever they tune in from, will experience the peace and presence of God, and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the story of God's love, afresh for them.

"I also hope they don't fall asleep during the sermon!"

Director of music for St Mary-le-Tower, Christopher Borrett said: "This is an amazing endorsement of St Mary-le-Tower, its life and ministry and future aspirations, but also of many of the years of hard work by the adults and young people in the choir.

"It is also a brilliant opportunity to showcase, on a global stage, the enormous talent there is here in Ipswich."

Sunday Worship will be live on BBC Radio 4 from 8.10am on Sunday January 16.