A bunch of carnations left by an anonymous park-goer in an act of kindness has been hailed as 'beautiful sentiment'.

Ipswich councillor Julian Gibbs discovered the flowers with a note while out on a morning walk in Christchurch Park on New Year's Day.

Entering the park from Sloane Street he went to sit on a bench and saw the flowers had been left there.

Attached was a note that read: "Not dropped or lost... left for you to take home and enjoy. Happy New Year!"

The Westgate ward councillor said: "I just sat down and on the bench were the flowers, I thought someone had left them and I turned over the card.

"When I came back I said to my partner 'look at this'. It's such a beautiful sentiment. What a great way to start the new year."

Cllr Gibbs said Christchurch Park and other green spaces had been a savior for many people's mental health during the lockdowns.

Sharing the find on social media, Cllr Gibbs thanked the person for the act of kindness.

He added: "I did have a look around to see if I spot someone."